Monday, November 26, 2012

Robocop Movie Shoot on Our Street

Yesterday, my wife and I wandered down our street to the set of the Robocop remake that's been filming in Toronto for over a month. It's odd to think that our quiet neighbourhood could be transformed into the scummy near future Detroit where Robocop takes place, but with the right editing and details anything is possible. They filmed Robocop racing down the street, weaving in and out of futuristic stunt vehicles from about 4-6 different angles over the course of the day.


The notice in our lobby prepping the neighbourhood for traffic disruptions.

Signage changes at Harbord and Jersey Streets. Jersey has been changed to Bagley.

Wide shot of the corner, I can sort of see Detroit now.

Some extras dressed as homeless people might help a bit.

Film crews sprawling on Harbord Street between Grace and Jersey Streets. A futuristic Fiat waits for the next take.

Another futuristic car, probably a European or Japanese import.

A futuristic Michigan plate.

This Honda van is from Japan. Instant futuristic car!

The stunt car crews were nice guys, they let my wife sit in the tiny van.

My favorite of the future cars. It looks familiar, sort of like an Audi R8, with various new panels placed over the hubcaps, windows and headlights.

Futuristic taxi, just hanging out on Manning and Harbord Streets.

Another angle of the futuristic taxi.

Two more futuristic taxis parked on Harbord and Manning. The Harbord street sign has been changed to Washington.

Robocop's new bike! Not as cool as the Ford Taurus from the 80's version, but still slick looking. That man was holding onto the bike, as it appeared to have been built without a kickstand.

Robocop! Well maybe just the suit. This stuntman wears a motorcycle helmet with white pieces of tape that will help the postproduction teams put Robocop's real head on the suit.

Camera car hanging out at Harbord and Grace.

The camera! What a cool looking mount.

Camera detail! It's a Red.


A stuntman, wearing most of Robocop's new costume, drives his motorcycle down Jersey street and turns around, preparing for the next take of the scene.

A stuntman, wearing most of Robocop's new costume, drives his motorcycle down Harbord Street, weaving around stunt cars before turning up Jersey Street.

A stuntman, wearing most of Robocop's new costume, gets ready for another take of the action scene being filmed on Harbord Street.

One last look at the Robocop stuntman on his motocycle racing down Harbord Street.

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