Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 2 of the Linwood Barclay Book Trailer Countdown

Yes, our first installment came out late yesterday so this might seem like a double post, but here is the next trailer for Linwood Barclay's novel 'Never Look Away'.  For those just tuning in, Loading Doc is counting down with a Linwood Barclay book trailer every day this week until Friday, when we release the full trailer for 'The Accident', Barclay's new novel due out this summer.

Some of the trailer for 'Never Look Away' was shot at the same time as 'Fear the Worst' in early 2010. It was during that shockingly mild winter we were having and it was tense trying to get all of the shots we needed without any snow on the ground. In several of the final shots in both trailers, lingering snow is just out of frame.

'Never Look Away' was the first time we rented a prop vehicle, or a picture car as they are more commonly known. It introduced us to Canadian Picture Cars, located in Oakville.  Ken and Gord who run the company are two of the nicest and supportive guys we have ever met. Needless to say we had a lot of fun with that police car, but it was nothing compared to 'The Accident' trailer. Enjoy.